If I get arrested, when should I call Cripps & Silver Law?

If you are arrested, then your first step is to invoke your rights to have an attorney represent you and you should immediately contact Cripps & Silver Law to protect your rights. The attorneys at Cripps & Silver Law are always available to assist you at any point in your case.

This is a short chronological listing of the criminal justice process for a felony charge in Michigan:

  1. Warrant is issued for an arrest.
  2. The defendant is arraigned on the warrant and a bond is set if the defendant qualifies. (A parole hold or type of charge may disqualify a person from being let out on a bond).
  3. A Pre-Exam in some counties may be set at this point depending upon the charges, otherwise the case will go to a Preliminary Examination at the district court.
    1. A Pre-Exam is an opportunity for a negotiated settlement or to just set a preliminary examination date and discuss discovery issues.
    2. A Preliminary Examination is a court hearing in which it is the prosecution's burden to show the court that they possess probable cause to continue to charge the defendant with the crime. If probable cause is not shown, then the case is dismissed.
  4. Arraignment on the Information in the Circuit Court.
  5. Pretrial dates to set trial and discuss issues such as discovery or whether a plea will offered and whether or not the offer will be accepted.
  6. Trial.